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Chardonnay Pinot Classic

Join in on an emerging Napa Valley tradition, to gain new knowledge about wine from the industry experts. Legendary master sommeliers, wine aficionados, and world-class wineries gather here on the resort to celebrate the third annual Chardonnay Classic. 

The Chardonnay Classic returns for the third year in 2023 with a host of one-of-a-kind tastings, expert-led seminars, gourmet luncheons, opulent dinners, and some of the finest and rarest wine ever made available by a selection of the world’s most renowned masters of chardonnay. Known as the “winemaker’s grape,” true connoisseurs understand Chardonnay as a robust yet blank canvas where some of the world’s top winemaking artists have produced their masterpieces. The Chardonnay Classic presents these masterpieces in an elegant and unforgettable setting.


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